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Fans of The OJays can now find the latest information about the group’s activities on the dedicated O’Jays blogspot. The blog contains information about the band’s life, past shows, and current exercises. It’s an excellent source of insight into the group’s life and lifestyle.

The OJays are still active in the music industry today, with their most recent album The Last Word reaching #4 on the Billboard R&B charts. In addition to being successful musicians, they’ve also made socially conscious statements with their music. Their Blogspot provides fans with a wealth of new material.

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If you’re interested in promoting your business online, the OJays Blogspot offers useful information on how to market your business using blogs. The OJays Blogspot is updated daily, and provides tips for building your brand. There are also a number of marketing techniques that you can use to promote your products or services.

The OJays were one of the most popular soul groups of the 1970s. The group was formed in Philadelphia in the early 1960s and had hits like “Put It On Me” and “Ain’t That a Shame.” They disbanded in the early 1980s, but have since reformed and continue touring.

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The O’Jays’ vocation has been characterized by friendly activism and their albums have offered socially conscious expressions. As a result, the music of The O’Jays has impacted the lives of millions of people. They have helped roll out improvement around the world.

The O’Jays blogspot offers a range of tips for people who want to save money and be more creative. Their top tips include making a budget, using coupons, and being mindful of how much you spend. Tracking your spending can also help you identify areas in which you can cut back.

The O’Jays subsequently charted on the R&B charts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Though they failed to reach pop success, their popularity has never waned. In 1992, lead singer Sammy Strain left the group and rejoined the Imperials. His replacement was Nathaniel West. The group continued to be a live draw. Their last studio album, Imagination, was released in 2004.

The O’Jays formed in Canton, Ohio in 1958. Their debut album, Back Stabbers, became a landmark in Philadelphia soul and a household name. The band’s songs incorporated R&B, gospel, and uptempo dance music. The band’s success led to the release of nine gold and platinum lps on PIR.

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